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Zoom out Game! 04/06/2011
Publicity 02/09/2011
Yesterday a women went to the school and she tell as that the publicity was totally cahnged with the technology of this times because in the past the only ways of communication was the radio, television and news paper now is a lot of new ways to communicate with the people, like this one...
like it? I hope yes because that is an exellent way of communication. That building is Madrid Spain on a treet is an exellent place to put that publicity. like this the technology help the publicity is  very usefull.
I do this blog because if I dont do it I will have a D in my report so It is better to do this blog but also because is fun and interesting to do this blog!


Prezi is a new way to show your ideas, work or persuate some one to do something see this video and you will know What is prezi...
you want to do a prezi go to and there you can do yours and dont worry there they are going to tell you how to use it. TRY IT!!!